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2722 Union Street • Madison, WI 53704 • (608) 575-9535 •

     The volunteer group is made up of over 350 adults and families who are all
     living with severe and life threatening food allergies. Established in 2007, we
   provide chapter meetings, awareness, training, support and Allergen Friendly Events.
  We connect families and adults living with food allergies in the Madison and
surrounding areas.


Welcome to the Madison Chapter

Buddy Program

If you are new to food allergies and need a helping hand, or if you are willing to lend one, the Buddy Program is for you. This program is for registered members (see membership page/form) and has been set up to match new members with more experienced ones, in order to help newly diagnosed adults or parents of allergic children to more quickly adapt to a life with food allergies, and successfully manage them. Attempts will be made to match similar allergies and ages when picking buddies. If you need a buddy or if you would like to be one, Contact Kathy Jaschinski at for more information. 

Download the Food Allergy of Wisconsin, Inc. Buddy Program application

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We are a 501 (c)(3) registered nonprofit organization operated by volunteers.

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