Great Tips When Playing Blackjack at the Casino

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To look as sharp as Jack does, it takes experience. Jack’s blackjack tips are gathered from his illustrious card dealing days.

The game of Blackjack in a Casino is many things to many people:

– High excitement
– Personal satisfaction
– Applying a mixture of skills, knowledge and at times, a gut feeling
– A social adventure…and more

When playing Blackjack in a land based Casino Jacks top 10 tips are:

  • Treat your blackjack dealer with respect. The blackjack dealer deals to a set of rules and choices made by the blackjack players. Have you heard of the saying “Don’t shoot the Messenger?” Most are on your side and want to see you happy. A happy blackjack table is much more enjoyable to be dealing at.
  • Don’t focus on your neighbor’s cards and choices. You are there to beat the blackjack dealer so focus on his or hers upcard. Move away from the table if other blackjack players playing methods upset you.
  • At the risk of flogging a cliché, only bet what you can afford to lose. Playing blackjack should be treated as an exciting form of entertainment. Don’t let your interest in blackjack damage your finances and affect your personal life off the blackjack table.
  • Keep your emotions in check if you find yourself on a losing streak in blackjack. Don’t mess with your “Mo-Jo” as Austin Powers would say. Jack has rarely seen an angry player walk away from blackjack with a generous amount of cash.
  • Most players don’t even consider learning the rules before they pull out the cash and sit down to play blackjack. Know your blackjack rules when you go to play. You can practice online at reputable casino websites for free or bet small wagers on a learners blackjack table to become proficient before you venture out with your hard earned dollars.
  • Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy. If you are to use it, stick to it and don’t abandon it. Never, ever be afraid to take your hits when advised by the blackjack strategy cards. If you play on gut feel alone you will be facing a house edge between 3 and 6%. Blackjack basic strategy, on the other hand, can reduce the house edge to 2%.
  • Try and find a blackjack table that offers the fewest decks to play with.
  • Never take insurance when offered in blackjack. It’s a great bet for the Casino, not so good for you. Know when to put your chips in your pocket and walk away. Winning streaks don’t last forever. Jack has seen too many blackjack players make a few dollars and give it back at the next shoe. Set yourself a limit. If you lose it, come back again at another time.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever try to win back all your loses in one hand. Often a blackjack player will try and win back all of his or her losses in one impulsive, even desperate bet only to lose that one as well.
  • These are just a few of many tips that Jack is offering you to make your Blackjack playing experience at a Casino, a more enjoyable one. There are many more blackjack tips and they will be added soon.
  • But basically, it all really boils down to you, the blackjack player, and how you want to play blackjack. Remember, not everyone will play like you. You will run into all sorts of characters at the Blackjack table. Just have fun and remember, you are all there to beat the dealer.