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2722 Union Street ��� Madison, WI 53704 ��� (608) 575-9535 ��� info@foodallergywis.org

     The volunteer group is made up of over 350 adults and families who are all
     living with severe and life threatening food allergies. Established in 2007, we
   provide chapter meetings, awareness, training, support and Allergen Friendly Events.
  We connect families and adults living with food allergies in the Madison and
surrounding areas.


Welcome to the Madison Chapter



Meetings are held at Holy Cross Lutheran School, 2670 Milwaukee Street - Madison, WI at 6:30 pm.  Some meetings may be held at other locations.   Allergen Friendly Events are also held during the year.  See Google Calendar below for specific dates, locations and map.  Past meeting topics and events listed at the
bottom of this page.  Click here for membership information. 
All ages welcome, but there is no child care available at Chapter meetings.

Contact: President, Sheree' Godwin (See bio -Winner of  the 2012 Maribel C. Furlong Award for Making a Difference for the category of Community Service) at (608) 575-9535 or sheree@foodallergywis.org for further information.



Upcoming Events


Please Note:  Avis Q - Santo US Issues Voluntary
Nationwide Recall of Avis‑Q®
Due to Potential Inaccurate Dosage Delivery. 
For information go to http://www.auvi-q.com.


Sixth Annual  Allergy Friendly Mallards Baseball





Madison Mallards vs the Lakeshore Chinooks

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Time:  7:05pm

Gates open at 5:30pm
  Promos:  Balking Dead Maynard Bobblehead Night and
Schwinn Family of Bikes Giveaway

Place:  Duck Pond at Warner Park, Madison, WI

Price:  $29.00 per person

Click here to order tickets

Enter code allergy.


  -Seating in the TDS section located along third base
-Peanut/Nut Free Seating Section
-Peanut/Nut Free Concession Stand
-All you can eat hot dogs, brats, chicken sandwiches, chips
-All food labels will be available on the day of the game in a private concession stand
directly behind the TDS Triple Play Club seating area
-All you can eat and drink (soda and water)
-3 tickets for draught beers or use the tickets for the kids games


-Lap seats available for children age 5 and under.

Questions - Will at 608 246 4277 or will@mallardsbaseball.com


Thanks to all the speakers.  It was a great conference.


2015 Food Allergy Conference - Madison, WI 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

8:00am to 3:00pm

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
3841 E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704

General Admission - $35.00

Agenda Includes:

Understanding what an IgE mediated food allergy is

Latest Food Allergy Research

Anxiety of living with a food allergy

Food Allergies and the Law

preparing yourself and your school for your food allergic child


----M. Tess O’Brien-Heinzen, lawyer at Boardman & Clark, LLP in Madison

----Dr. Christopher Healy, MD, Dr. Healy, 
board certified in allergy and immunology and pediatrics. 

---Anne Erhardt MS, MFT Therapist
at New Growth Mental Health Counseling

---Colleen Carroll MSW,APSW

---Linda Krueger SNS -Nutrition Program Consultant-WI
Department of Public Instruction- School Nutrition team

  This project was made possible through a community grant
from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)




Volunteer Opportunities:

The Food Allergy Association of Wisconsin Values the support of our volunteers.
Throughout the year we have different opportunities available for various events.   
Sheree' Godwin  sheree@foodallergywis.org








Past Events


Food Allergy Conference - Madison, Wisconsin


Food Allergy Resource Fair

2015 Food Allergy Walk Madison Channel NBC 15 Video

Fall Carnival

UW Women's Allergy Friendly Hockey Game

Mallards Allergy Friendly Baseball Game

See Photos

 Click here to see Channel 3000 video for the Mallards Game.




 A big thanks to our volunteers for planning the events and meetings!  See Madison Event Photos.  See the THANK YOU PAGE to see who has helped FAAW be a success!

Past Meeting Topics

  • School Food Allergy Action
    Plan Discussion

  • Tips for Living with Eczema
  • Green Cleaning
  • Asthma and Research Studies
  • Highlights of the FAAN Conference
  • Food Allergy Basics and
    Diagnostic Tests
  • How Parents, Foodservice, School Nurses and Administration Can
    Work Together
  • Food Allergy Anaphylaxis and Treatment Plan


  • Recipes, Reading Labels, Food Samples and Cooking With Food Allergies


  • The Legal Rights of Kids With Food Allergies and 504 Plans


  • Food Allergies and Research Studies
  • Dealing With Stress and Anxiety of a Food Allergy Diagnosis








We are a 501 (c)(3) registered nonprofit organization operated by volunteers.

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